Vikki Katz


I teach Communication and cross-listed courses in the School of Communication and Information at Rutgers University.

If you are looking for my office location or for this semester’s office hours, please go here.

Undergraduate Courses

Children & Media: An upper-division elective for Communication and Journalism & Media Studies majors. We cover key research areas and controversies related to young people’s media use, creation, and regulation.

Communication and Technology: A required course for Communication majors on theory and research at the intersection of media, new communication technologies, and social processes including relationship building and maintenance, learning, and social change.

Communication Research: A requirement for Communication majors. We cover all aspects of research design, a range of research methodologies, and strategies for evaluating social science research.

Family Communication: An upper-division elective for Communication majors that examines communication in processes of family formation, growth, and change, covering diverse family circumstances, influences, and outcomes.

I also occasionally co-teach a Byrne Seminar (with my colleague Jen Theiss) for Rutgers freshmen on the communication dynamics of modern families.  You can read more about our course in Rutgers Today.

Graduate-level Courses

Communication & Community Wellness: A content course for MA and Ph.D. students that covers the burgeoning literature around communication’s role in community health and wellness, including theoretical, methodological, and policy debates related to this approach.

Ethnographic Methods: A specialized methods course for MA and Ph.D. students that covers all aspects of the ethnographic tradition, techniques and challenges related to data collection and analysis, as well as the evolution of ethnographic methods into digital settings.

Research Design: A required Ph.D. course focused on how to develop and execute well crafted, frequently mixed-methods research projects, analyze data, and disseminate findings.

I also oversee Independent Studies courses at both the graduate and undergraduate levels on a regular basis.