Vikki Katz


New pub in Pediatrics

2017 November 4, 2:35pm

"Digital inequality and developmental trajectories of low-income, immigrant, and minority children" (co-authored with C. Gonzalez and K. Clark) was just published in Pediatrics.

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VikkiI am an Associate Professor of Communication in the School of Communication and Information, and Affiliate Graduate Faculty in Sociology, at Rutgers University.

My research focuses on the communication strategies that low-income and immigrant parents and their children develop, collectively and individually, to learn about and understand their local environments and address their everyday needs. These strategies often implicate digital technology use, and my recent work has focused on how these families adopt and engage with technology.

I am a community-focused researcher who uses qualitative and quantitative methods to uncover as much about families’ lived experiences as I can. I think understanding how families live requires knowing a lot about the places where they live. And I believe research can be a force for change by helping low-income and immigrant families make meaningful local connections more easily, and by enabling service providers and local stakeholders to communicate more effectively with newcomers to increasingly diverse communities.

Click on the tabs below to learn more about what I’m working on; if you are specifically interested in my work on digital equity, you should also visit here. Thanks for stopping by!

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